Upcoming Changes

Hey guys, apologies for the radio silence over the past few months. The truth is I have been busy working on studying and training for something new that I will be offering people in the future, this was originally supposed to be at the end of the year, however due to the current circumstances (I won't say the dreaded C word as I'm sure a lot of you are fed-up of hearing that!) it may now be delayed, but I will update with a better idea of when this can be launched (ominous I know!). But I can assure you all that this is (hopefully!) going to be a great benefit and I'm looking forward to helping as many people as I can.

Any of you that follow me on instagram will already know this, but along with studying I also have a new addition to the family, meet Bear:

This photo was taken within the first few days of having him, (when he was almost 8 weeks old) but he is now a fair bit bigger than this at 14 weeks old!

Needless to say, he has kept me rather busy since the lockdown began and kept us sane!

Going forward I will be posting more often about a variety of things, next up will be about a charity that I worked with back in January of this year, that I think more people should be aware of (so keep an eye out for that!). I'm hoping to do some more charity work this year and will be sure to share this when I do.

On the migraine front, how are many of you doing during this lockdown? I know some people are finding the whole situation rather stressful, which isn't helpful when it comes to migraines! I have also spoken to a few people that are doing pretty well considering, but if you're struggling please reach out I'm here to chat if anyone needs to, just ping me an email (at the bottom of the website) or DM me on instagram.

In the meantime, please all stay safe and healthy.

Live. Love. Be Happy.


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